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SeeTech® PRO is equipped with quick-access control buttons: for example, to instantly bring up the camera window in order to position the user correctly. Some of them can be programmed to individual needs: to calibrate the device or to start programs like the on-screen keyboard.

LEDs below the monitor allow constant assessment of the camera detection. An external emergency call connection or the use of an external switch are possible and the device is equipped with W-LAN.

An optional additional battery pack provides extra operating time if needed.

Convenient. Flexible. Economical.

Many people who are dependent on powerful computer based communication aids want to keep working with the same software and be able to add modules to the system in line with their requirements. SeeTech® has been developed on the basis of longstanding experience to fullfill this wish at low cost. SeeTech® is one of the world’s leading eye gaze systems and is “Made in Germany”. SeeTech® eye control is truly a low-cost system, as it builds on standard components that are available on the market. What has been specially developed is the system’s heart: the software that captures eye movements with a camera, interprets them and passes them to the communication program. The slim and up to date design not only underlines the character of the modern communication aid. Furthermore, its lightweight makes SeeTech® especially well suited for mounting to a wheelchair.

How SeeTech® works

Interaction with the environment

An easy-to learn communication software allows users to interact with their environments in many ways. When the software is operated with eye control, gazing at icons on the screen will cause a mouse click. Various actions can be triggered in this way, for example:

Voice output of prepared messages

  • Writing, storing and output of personal texts
  • Environmental control

Care providers operate the communication software via SeeTech®’s touch-sensitive screen.

Expansion in line with requirements

SeeTech® is a modular system and is available in the following configurations:

SeeTech® PRO

Integrated solution:

Combining AAC device and eye control within one single system. Being a lightweight makes SeeTech® especially suitable for mounting to a wheelchair, but also to a bed, table or wall with suitable mounts and stands.

SeeTech® PRO is available with either a 12″ or 15″ screen.

SeeTech® ONLY

Add On: 

Existing Windows® based communication devices can be upgraded with an eye control module. The communication software at hand simply continues in use.

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