Technical Data

Casing: Anodized Aluminium Casing

Dimensions:  155 mm x 55 mm x 20 mm

Weight: approx. 130 g

Power Supply : 8.36VDC – 50mA / 14V

Display: Tricoloured LED

Sensing Device: For activation and calibration of input device

Connector: Type Hirose HR6S and HR4S

Wheelchair Mounting: Velcro®: 150 N/m² Stripe measurements: 90 mm x 25 mm)

Interface: For mouse operation and environmental control


Protos Joystick

Waterproof Joystick for electric powered wheelchairs.

Reference-No.: 10058100

Protos Disc

Joystick for electric powered wheelchairs. To be connected to Protos control unit.

Reference-No.: 10058100

Protos Stick

Joystick zur Steuerung von elektrischen Rollstühlen.
Zum Anschluss an die Protos Steuereinheit.

Bestell-Nr.: 10058100


Environmental control and operating add-on for Protos (incl. infrared, wireless receiver and bluetooth). Reference-No.: 10058102

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