Mode of operation

Operation of Humanelektronik’s control wheel is very easy. Only minimal pressure needs to be applied. The system adjusts automatically to the motivity of the user and learns to interpret the applied pressure into the desired direction. Protos can be adjusted to many wheelchair models and therefore offers independence when exchanging your wheelchair. Operation can be executed via chin or hand.

Protos has a unique emergency stop system: should the user lose control over the joystick, the system is able to come to a controlled stop by simply pressing an external button. The wheelchair will only continue to drive after the joystick has been brought back to the programmed middle position. The external button may also be used to switch to computer mouse control, which will enable the use of a computer or may be used to function as enter key for the optional environmental control Rollix.

Rollix enables control of infrared devices, wireless receivers and varying Bluetooth mobiles in addition to all wheelchair functions. The system enables the user to use the telephone, operate the TV, listen to music, open and close doors and windows or switch on lights. Rollix allows more independence and autonomy. The user friendly system may be programmed as needed. Due to excellent contrasts the display is very easy to read. The environmental control is compatible with many standard systems.


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