Special Wheelchair Control System

Protos is a special wheelchair control system for individuals handicapped by muscular weakness, who are having difficulties to use an ordinary wheelchair control. The system impresses with ease of use through minimum effort, approved by third party certification. Many wheelchair manufactures have accredited Protos as an accessory.

Protos has been developed with 20 years of expertise and is deployable in many wheelchairs with varying controls. When replacing your wheelchair, you can keep your Protos system by simply re-programming it. This eliminates expensive acquisitions when changing or re-using a wheelchair.

The applicable pressure needed for controlling the wheelchair is adjusted to the user’s abilities via calibration. Furthermore Protos is waterproof and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Protos is compatible with the innovative environmental control unit Rollix. Rollix enables control of infrared devices, radio receivers and varying Bluetooth mobiles in addition to all wheelchair functions.

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